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These days I’m talking to a relatively new runner about her 1st marathon – which she describes as ‘magical’. Which is wild to me simply because I would in all probability describe my initial as ‘painful’ or ‘traumatizing’…! She’s sharing how functioning served her psychological well being – in particular all through a rough time her very first calendar year of instructing. And I’m sharing my views on therapy way too.

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Heat Up: My Treatment Journey… 

First… we speak about psychological overall health during the interview and I want to remind ya that practically nothing on Run Eat Repeat or this podcast is meant to provide as health-related guidance. Be sure to see a health practitioner if you’re sick, doubtful about something going on with your body or come to feel an harm coming on. And please see a therapist or counselor if you are struggling with everything that could be helped by a experienced or outdoors useful resource.

May perhaps is Mental Health and fitness Awareness Thirty day period and I want to share my practical experience with therapy. 

I 1st went to remedy in college or university.

No one advised me I ought to go.

I didn’t believe I was battling a really serious psychological illness…but I understood that how I felt and what I was thinking was harmful. I was caught. I felt truly lousy about myself and it was using in excess of my life. I did not want to go to parties or specified places, I prevented social cases and any social gathering or meal or ideas that associated food.

My boyfriend and I got in a handful of fights due to the fact he needed to go out or to a occasion and I was

I understood it was impacting all my associations. So… I thought I must speak to someone about it.

The good thing is, I was continue to on my mom’s health insurance policies and was in a position to glimpse up a therapist that took our insurance and just had to do the co-spend.

It assisted a large amount. But it is not a magic pill that solves all your problems.

You have to do the do the job.

You do not modify or deal with points – especially actually challenging points by just telling someone about it once a week. You have to demonstrate up for your self every day and operate how you think, how you react, your triggers, your practices and more. And in some cases you need to have treatment – which is also not a magic tablet but can aid a great deal.

I have been likely to remedy most months for the last 2 a long time. I really don’t assume I’m that ‘messed up’ so part of me thinks I don’t are worthy of to go…and by that I suggest I experience like an individual who’s been heading to remedy for 2 years desires to have knowledgeable far more trauma than I have…?

But the fact is that my activities, emotions, interactions and requirements increase up and it’s hard for me to go ahead, be form to myself and develop healthy interactions. And which is kind of the most vital point proper? Or at least it is for me… to be equipped to have great, pleased relationships with the folks I adore. I’m not talking about passionate relationships but all relationships.

So – I’m sharing all of this to say – there’s nothing wrong with me. But I want to be improved. I want to be a superior human being, be a better instance, have greater associations and assist other folks be improved way too.

If you have it all figured out and you’re pleased – very good. Move it on! If not, I believe therapy is an awesome way to investigate things that could possibly be tugging at you.

running podcast with first time marathon runner

Working Buddy of the Day  – New Podcast Series

A while again I set out a get in touch with for runners and coaches who wished to be on the podcast and got fantastic response! We’re starting out that sequence today…

These days our functioning buddy is Kaleena Soughter from Turnersville, New Jersey.

first time marathon philly race with Kaleena Run Eat Repeat podcast

Let’s commence by speaking about your operating journey…

KS: I started running to lose weight like everybody else… receiving married… trainer first 12 months and truly really hard job.

She started off to comprehend that jogging to make her sense far better not just physically but mentally too…

Kaleena ran the Philly Marathon previous 12 months and is sharing the education and race day experience…

RER: How did your very first marathon go?

KS: It was magical. (<- Boom!) 

It was like I was on a runner’s high the entire time. 

RER: Then, we started to talk about running and mental health… 

KS Do I sink into the sand or do I get up?

healthy living podcast full marathon interview new runner

Running Favorites Questions: 

What’s your favorite race distance and why?

Full marathon!

What’s your favorite race?

This one surprised me…

Do you have a running mantra or how do you motivate yourself when you’re not feeling it?

What have you been listening to lately?

Yes – I looked up the new Jonas Bros music and love it!

What’s your victory lap? (What do you eat after a race?)

Pizza with french fries?? Wait – what? (we discuss)

favorite post run food running podcast

Thank you Kaleena!

You can follow her on instagram @Kaleenaamarie and I’ll put a link to that in the show notes!

Now it’s time for the awards:

1st place – Impractical Jokers.

2nd. Kristin for hooking up the snacks.

3rd. Costco calendar!

Costco calendar podcast idea

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