Use Bands to Create Bulletproof Ab muscles

Physio bands are a single of my very best friends in the fitness center. They are wonderful for shoulder health and fitness, good for activating my sleepy lats ahead of a major pulling day, and even practical for building some muscular endurance by means of routines like lat pulldowns and triceps extensions.


Recently, I’ve also been applying them for my core—to bulletproof people stomach muscles!



Bands are specially useful for the core because they really pressure you to stay as restricted as doable and assist to develop a entire great deal of pressure in your system. If you don’t generate adequate rigidity in the course of banded main movements, the band will manhandle you out of posture. Owning to battle really hard to preserve your placement by means of bracing will enable you get the most bang for you buck to establish that main.


It will also translate into you turning out to be extra successful at bracing when you are squatting or deadlifting, much too!


Bulletproof Abdominal muscles Banded Exercising 1: Planks

I normally hear persons say, “Planks are effortless.”


Contemplating the men’s world history plank hold time is 10 hrs lengthy, and a Canadian lady just broke the women’s term record time this May possibly with a time of 4 hours and 20 minutes, there is an argument to be produced that the one particular minute plank holds most of us do just aren’t that really hard.


You will not be stating this with a banded plank!


I like to use a squat rack to anchor the band, but you can also use significant dumbbells. Slide your system underneath the band, position the band in the heart of your again and plank away. You will be shocked how considerably stress you require to build in your physique to cease that band from pushing you down to the flooring.


  • 3 sets of 30 seconds every single keep


Banded Planks


Bulletproof Ab muscles Banded Physical exercise 2: Bent Knee Hold

Use a hefty dumbbell to anchor a single finish of the band to the floor. Hold from a bar and have a spouse area to other close of the band about your knees. Then keep with your knee at hip peak (90 degree angle). You must come to feel your stomach muscles functioning overtime to cease your knees from remaining pulled down to the floor by the band.




Banded Bent Knee Hold


Bulletproof Abs Banded Exercise 3: Banded Hollow Lat Pulldowns

Position the band above the pull-up bar and set a dowel via the band. Lay flat instantly underneath the bar. Get the dowel with your palms shoulder width apart and pull on your own into a perfect observe body place with your head and back again off the ground, as nicely as your legs (leaving just your bum on the ground).


Hold for 2 to 3 seconds. Relax, lay flat all over again, and then pull oneself back into the hollow physique place. You’ll really feel like you are operating additional hard just to pull on your own into a hollow place.



Banded Hollow Lat Pulldowns


Bulletproof Ab muscles Banded Training 4: Palof Keep

A uncomplicated a person, but a great a single for the often underworked obliques.


Connect at band to a publish. Confront the wall. Seize the band and transfer away from the article (the further you are away from the submit, the much more tough it will be). Interlace your fingers as you’re holding the band, pull it to your sternum, and then push the band straight out right until your elbows are straight.


It aids to bend your knees a bit to keep your hips square and your spine neutral. You should really feel the band making an attempt to twist your body and pull you back to the post. Use your obliques to fight this twisting and do all you can to keep your ground.


  • 3 sets of 30 seconds per side


Banded Palof Hold


You can also attempt this as a Palof push, meaning at the time you’re in the holding place, simply provide the band back into your upper body and then press it out again.


  • 3 sets of 20 reps for each aspect


Bulletproof Stomach muscles Banded Exercise 5: Alphabets

From the Palof keep position, start off creating the alphabet in the air. Make certain you are holding your hips sq. and preserving your ground. This will force you to continue to be as restricted in your core as achievable.


  • 3 x 26 letters in the alphabet


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