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Right now we will be masking the strict push. In Chinese weightlifting, stringent presses are finished a bit in different ways. As demonstrated earlier mentioned, the regular stringent press commences from the clear placement and leaves the hand a little bit hyperextended. This could work for increasing urgent electric power in the short-phrase, however in the prolonged operate hyperextension does not bode well for the shoulder nor wrist.



As a substitute, by somewhat internally rotating your shoulder and ending with entire extension, you can transfer your stringent push variety to overhead lifts such as the press press or electricity jerk additional proficiently and correctly.


Overhead press position with internal shoulder rotation.


Why Perform the Army Press? 

The navy press is an overhead push and is inherently derived from remaining in a position to press from an “at attention” situation. The rigid press is a strict overhead press, this means no making use of of leg travel. Military services presses are typically done seated as opposed to stringent presses and in essence serve the goal of isolating the deltoid, trapezius, and main musculature. If your close intention is to be a weightlifter or CrossFitter I would opt for the rigid press—it has significantly better carryover in that regard. If your conclusion goal is bodybuilding, isolation is the greater alternate. If your close intention is total power, software both equally into your regimen and you will stand a slash earlier mentioned the relaxation.


As generally, lift with love my good friends.

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